Bee BusinessI actually make money by selling my honey and having my own little beekeeping business.  It isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great and fun little hobby.

Bee business is abuzz these days, pun intended.  Over the last few years more and more people have taken on the seemingly daunting task of beekeeping.  In truth, the bee business, though plagued by declining numbers in the bee population, has seen a boost in celebrity beekeepers for that very reason. Celebrities such as Scarlet Johannson, Steve Vai, and Jimmy Doherty are but a few of the well known names to join the bee business.So what is all the buzz about the bee business?  It seems that it is not simply about honey anymore.  Beeswax is making a name for itself in the bee business.  Beeswax comes from the wax glands on the abdomen of a worker bee.  These wax glands secrete tiny chips of the wax which is then used to create honeycomb cells.

Those in the bee business today have begun to use beeswax to make household items such as candles.  Because beeswax has a high melting point, beeswax candles burn slower and brighter.  In addition they don’t drip and don’t leave a smoky residue.  Beeswax is also used for certain furniture polishes.

Beeswax is popular in some cosmetics such as lip balms or lotions.  Those in the bee business have realized that as a natural product it sells well to those concerned with what they put on their bodies.

So, how does one go about getting into the bee business?  Do you have to actually be a beekeeper? And what if you don’t want to actually make products to sell but you just want to keep bees, is there a bee business to be had in that?

First, before getting into the bee business you need to decide how you want to be involved.  You don’t have to actually be a beekeeper, although for the purpose of creating products you may find it less expensive to keep your own bees rather than buying beeswax from another beekeeper.

Commercial BeekeepingThere is also a way for those who don’t want to create products to be involved in the bee business.  How you ask?  You could become a commercial beekeeper.  A commercial beekeeper travels with bee hives in order to pollinate crops across the country.  Because the agricultural market is dependent upon bee pollination, and the bee population is declining there is more work than there are beekeepers.  This, along with the gallons upon gallons that can be sold make the bee business a very lucrative business, although one not to be entered into lightly.

Corporate beekeepers are faced with the responsibility of caring for bees in today’s world which has an increasing number of viruses and parasites that affect the bee population as well as a decline in rural areas and thus food sources.  However, there are medications and artificial foods that can help those in the bee business to support their tiny workers.  And with the increasing popularity of beekeeping in the hobby world, the bee business is creating quite a buzz throughout the world.

As you can see, it can be extremely lucrative and rewarding to be involved in the bee business by becoming a commercial beekeeper, or doing other activities.  A question a lot of people have is:  how do I get started?   To be honest what helped me a lot was investing in this guide right here.

It helped me know how to get in the bee business, what mistakes to avoid, what equipment I would need.  Best of all they offer a money back guarantee, so it gave me confidence in that what I was buying would make sense.  It’s why I recommend it and use it myself to this day.  To begin learning more about the bee business click here now.

Wishing you success in your beekeeping hobbies, business, and adventures!