beekeeping courseAre you interested in buying a  bee keeping course because you want to learn how to keep bees! You’ve come to the right place.  I wrote this article because I wanted people to know what is important in a beekeeping course.  You will discover what to look for in a Beekeeping Course and what to avoid buying in a bee keeping course.  Here are some things you should know if you are interested in buying a bee keeping course.

What to Look for in a Beekeeping Course

1.  Does the bee keeping course tell you the best time of year to start bee keeping?  This is important!

2.  Does it tell you what to do if the queen bee dies?

3.  Does the bee keeping course you are looking at tell you the specific types of bees you should get if you are interested in bee keeping?

4. How to remove bees from a frame and move them into a new home?

5. Does the bee keeping course teach you which direction your hives face?  Does the course teach you how to use a smoker to calm down your bees?

6. Does it tell you the best types of flowers, plants, and trees to use with your bees to produce the best type of honey?  This is a very important part of a bee keeping course!

7. Does the bee keeping course teach you how to protect yourself if you get stung, and most important does it teach you how to avoid getting stung in the first place?

8. How to protect your bees from ants and other insects?

9. How to divide a colony of bees?

10. Does the bee keeping course teach you how to remove honey from the hive?

All of these, and there are lots more things to learn in a bee keeping course, are questions you need to ask yourself.  It is extremely important to know these things.  Just knowing one of these things makes a bee keeping course valuable, but if you don’t know these basic things, then how will you be a successful bee keeper?

Most people who are looking for a bee keeping course don’t know how important these facts are.  A lot of people just buy the first bee keeping course they come across, which is a huge mistake.  You need to educate yourself so that you know what to look for, and what mistakes to avoid.

The last thing you should look for in a bee keeping course is a money-back guarantee.  Does the bee keeping course offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee?  Why is this important?  Because if the course has poor information, or something changes in your life you shouldn’t have to pay for the bee keeping course.  You should be able to get your money back.  The other thing you need to look out for is how long the money-back guarantee is for the bee keeping course.  Not all guarantees are the same.  The longer the guarantee, the longer you have to explore the information and make sure that the bee keeping course is a valuable resource for you.

The beekeeping course I personally recommend covers all of these things.  You can click here to learn more.  I use this guide all the time in my personal beekeeping, and I can’t recommend it enough!

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