As a beginner beekeeping you will encounter different and unique situations that you have never experienced before.  Trust me, I know from experience  Being a beginner beekeeping can be a stressful situation unless you are well prepared and are ready for the challenges of beekeeping. This article will discuss various beginner beekeeping strategies and things you must know.First, as a beginner beekeeping lets look at some of the tools you will need to safely take care of your bees.

Beginner Beekeeping EquipmentClothing is a very important item to have as a beginner beekeeping.  You want clothing that will protect you from stings, and yet is flexible enough for you to be able to work.  Some people prefer wearing gloves, and while gloves are certainly recommended for all beekeepers and not just beginner beekeeping, it is important to realize that gloves will prohibit your hands from being able to maneuver items effectively.  With this in mind, it is still important to protect your hands and all areas of your body, so as a beginning beekeeper I recommended that you definitely wear gloves.

As far as your clothes go, it is extremely important to ensure that your face and your neck are protected. This is for several reasons.  If you get stung by a bee in the face or the neck, these are areas that are most sensitive to bee stings, even if you are not allergic to bee stings.  Therefore, make sure that whatever clothing you use to protect yourself as a beginner beekeeping person will protect your neck and face.  You also want to make sure that your clothing is tight.  You certainly don’t want a bee to go down your shirt, down your shirt sleeve, or up your pants and sting you — let alone dozens of bees.

Bee SmokerAnother tool you will need to learn about as a beginner beekeeping practitioner is the use of a smoker. Why is a smoker a great tool for bee keeping?  Simply put:  A smoke is a good tool because it makes bee relax and become more calm and focus on feeding.  Why does a smoke make bees feel calm?  Smoke makes bees think that their hive is going to burn due to a fire, so bees concentrate on getting food and eating.  A smoker, used properly, will help a beekeeper become more safe, and this also benefits the bees because the last thing you want to do is have your bees die or sting you.

A couple quick tips are important here for all beekeepers and not just beginner beekeeping people. If you get stung on the hand, normally you can scrape off the bee sting with a blade of a knife, or even a fingernail.  This will lessen the pain of the bee sting because less venom will be injected.

Another thing to know is this.  Defensive bees are attracted to human breath, so whatever you do try to mask your breath when working with bees.  Finally, if you do decide to use clothing instead of a normal bee suit, be sure to wear something that is light and smooth.  Most predators of bees have dark furry skin (like bears), and as a beginner beekeeping person you want to make sure that you avoid any and all chances of frightening or antagonizing the bees.

These are just a few tips I learned when I invested in this resource here. It helped me avoid getting stung and also helped me save money on what equipment to buy.  If you are even thinking about getting involved in beekeeping you need to check it out.

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